A Hyperborean Glossary [G-L]

Laurence J. Cornford


In CCF, a soldier in the army of an unnamed Hyperborean king. [J.Ambuehl]

Gar Hill:
In SSG, a hill. Satampra Zeiros alludes to "The Adventure of Gar Hill". [J.Ambuehl]

In CCF, a cpatain of the guard of an unnamed Hyperborean king. [J.Ambuehl]

In WH, the hero of Uzuldaroum who was sent to discover the source of the zombie army. He was abandoned in the nameless desert by the Necromancer Ooth'zar. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Geography of Hyperborea:
Starting with Lin Carter's map: Hyperborea is a wedge-shaped land, with Polarion at the thin end, the, Mhu Thulan, then the central jungle sof Zesh seperated by a montain range, with plains, a desert and volcanic Tscho Vulpanomi at the far southern coast. It is surrounded by many small islands. Southern swamps and the Isle of Oszhtror are also mentioned. In the northern archipeligo Thulask and Ultima Thule (north west) are noteworthy. Polarion is shielded from Mhu Thulan by a range of mountains I have named Zabdamar, this name also applies to the eastern coast of Mhu Thulan, around Cergoth. The Eigophians seem to form the dividing "backbone" of the land, dividing the east and west coasts and well as seperating Mhu Thulan from Commoriom. I have assumed most major cities to be by rivers, many of which drain off the Eiglophians. A new, more detailed map should be printed in The Book of Eibon (Chaosium Books). [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; L.J.Cornford]

Gerngothic Dynasty:
A misspelling used in LE, which should read Cerngothic Dynasty (q.v.). I have corrected this in most texts. [L.Carter]

In CCF, a village in Hyperborea containging the temple to Voothra. [J.Ambuehl]

Gheezix, The Dust of:
In CCF, a magical dust used to control those sprinkled with the dust. [J.Ambuehl]

Alternative spelling of Ghizghuth (q.v.). This appears to be the spelling favoured by C.A.Smith, but the "Ghizghuth" spelling appears in Planets and Dimensions (Mirage Press, 1973). [C.A.Smith]

In the Hyperborean Cycle one of the male spawn of Cxaxukluth born on a far system. Its "wife" is Zstylzhemgni, and by "her" it became the "father" of Tsathoggua and cousin to Kthulhut (Cthulhu). Lovecraft lists Yeb as Tsathoggua's father in his genealogy, suggesting that this is another name for Yeb, however this does give rise to the oddity of Nug/Cxaxukluth spawning its own twin brother Yeb if this is the correct identification of these beings! Probably Ptmâk and Cxaxukluth as Nug and Yeb, with Ghizghuth being an unknown spawn and the relationship being more complex than the Lovecraft Genealogy suggests. Also spelt Ghisghuth and Ghizguth. [C.A.Smith]

Ghottrum Vispal:
In ALK, a member of the Brotherhood of the Five who was dispatched to destroy Enoycla. [L.J..Cornford]

In SA, a mountain in Mhu Thulan. [L.J.Cornford]

In FL, a travelling entertainer and skilled escapologist who fell in with Liqoimkh. [L.J.Cornford]

Glund fluid:
In IVP, a rare fluid needed to make the Ygthar Elixir. Eibon was somewhat upset to find out waht it was (I wont ruin the story for you!). [L.Carter]

Alternative version of Gnoph-Keh or Gnophkeh. [A.W.Derleth]

The name used often for a single creature of the Gnophkeh race. Described as "the hairy myth-thing of the Greenland ice that walks sometimes on two legs, sometimes on four, and sometimes on six". As an individual being it is sometimes called simply "the Hairy Thing" and is sometimes confused with Rhan-Tegoth. It may well aid Rhan-Tegoth, Ithaqua, Zhar and Lloigor (god). "The Pirrak" by W.C.Keel/A.Gullette suggests that the giant Gnoph-Keh is the progenitor of the Gnophkeh race. Its body lies frozen in ice, in caverns below Hyperborea. Sometimes spelt Gnophkeh and Gnoph-Hek. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

Gnophkehs (race):
Sharp horned, coarse haired beings with six long-limbs, found in Hyperborea, Lomar, and the Arctic Circle (possibly other other cold regions and the planet Borea?). Empowered with blizzard summoning and reducing temperatures. Connected with Rhan-Tegoth (whom they seem to worship) and possibly Ithaqua, Zhar and Lloigor (god). In early texts (such as the Book of Eibon) it is a race of viscous cannibals who were driven from Lomar by mankind and the Voormis, but in later texts it appears as a lone creature, sometimes called "the Hairy Thing" and is confused with Rhan-Tegoth. Possibly it was a more numerous creature but is now on the brink of extinction and only encountered in ones. The Gnophkeh are either creatures of air or water (this is unclear). Also spelt Gnoph-keh and Gnoph-Hek. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In UT, an ancient master cartographer whose maps of the unfrozen Polarion are consulted by Eibon and Ziljas during their quest for Utressor. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

Gods of Hyperborea:
Many gods are mentioned in Hyperborea: Tsathoggua and his spawn (Zvilpogghua, etc., (all in FTG). Shimba, the god of Shepherds (SC); Yhoundeh, the elk-goddess (DS & UA); Leniqua, the moon-god (TNG); Zarbanoth (DR) and various animal gods such as Ixeera, Kathruale & Qualk (LE). Other Cthuloid deities are Bugg-Shash and Yibb-Tstll, Kthulhut, Yok-Zothoth, Abhoth, Ubbo-Sathla, Nyogzhah, Nyarlathotep (under the name Byagoona), and others. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; S.D.Aniolowski, J.Ambuehl, etc.]

"Golden Rat, the Year of":
In DR & HU, a year during which Eibon travels. [L.J.Cornford]

Great Old Ones:
The Beings of the Cthulhu Mythos mentioned in such texts as PDW. C.A.Smith mentions "the Old Ones" several times and these are identical. [L.Carter (H.P.L.)]

Great Race of Yith:
In PDW, the Great Race of Yith are the founders of Pnakotris. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

"Green Spider, The Year of the":
In LP (?), the year in which the Light from the Pole attacked Mhu Thulan. Also the year Empress Amphyrene and was replaced by the Emperor Charnametros. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]


In ID, the king of Iqqua about a hundred years before the abandonment of Hyperborea. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In WH, a youth of Merba on a quest to find the "Oracle of the Mountains", accompaned by Zojin & Bel. The last survivor of Merba. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Hagarg Ryonis:
In WH, "Wrathful Goddess of Reptiles" & "The Lier-in-Wait", a lizard god who aided the Hyperboreans against Nyarlathotep. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (G.Myers)]

In TZ, a son of Xeelan. He is strong but simple and grew to hate his father after the death of his mother at Xeelan's hands. [I.Davey]

In SG, SP & DA, the great antehuman sorcerer from Thule who descended into Mount Voormithadreth, where he now dwells. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In LE, Harood of Kalnoora was the disciple of Alabbac and one of the guardians of the Book of Eibon. [L.Carter]

In AF, the more common name for the the god Xastur. The Liturgy of Hastur is mentioned as needed to summon Byakhees, but in other sources it appears more powerful than that. [L.Carter (A.W.Derleth)]

In DSH, the term used for the ruling class of the Serpent People in S'lithik Hhai (and probably elsewhere), corresponding to the human term "noble". Its adjective is "Hithian". [J.R.Fultz]

In SG, the Commoriom King whose third cousin was the Lord Ralibar Vooz. [C.A.Smith]

Hoom Feethos:
In ID, a jeweler. [C.A.Smith]

In SA & LE, the wizard of Abormis. The foremost mage of his day. Zylac was his apprentice. He was killed by the Sphinx of Abormis. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

A variant spelling of Yhoundeh, the elk goddess used in the Parchments of Pnom. [C.A.Smith]

In WS & SM, a creature the colour of flame with plumes many yards long. The hierophant of the Voormis wears huusim-plumes on his head-dress, suggesting that it is a phoenix-like bird. [C.A.Smith]

In SSG, a powerful Voormis shaman whose tomb on Ta-Shon was violated by Satampra Zeiros and Alu Kuthos. [J.Ambuehl]

1) An old land roughly corresponding to modern Greenland (c.2,000,000-95,000 B.C?). First inhabited in the Miocene Era by the serpent people (or snake people), then by the cannibal Gnophkehs and the furry Voormis, next the antehumans of Arkya colonised the land before Man came from the south. A realm where Tsathoggua was worshipped. Eibon and other great sorcerers lived there. It was destroyed by glacial advance in the last Ice Age. According to the Pnakotic Brotherhood this was as a result of Aphoom Zhah (q.v.); 2) One group of refugees established a colony on mainland Europe (Valusia) which was also called "Hyperborea" and this colony perpetuated Hyperborean culture right up to the collapse of the Hyborian Kingdoms, c.10,000 B.C. Other degenerate groups joined with the Pictish savages of central France (see Averionia). [C.A.S.; H.P.L.; R.E.H.; L.Carter; etc.]

Hyperborean Cycle, The:
The myth cycles commonly believed in Hyperborea (q.v.), also known as the Tsathogguan Cycle. It is a branch of the Mythos with many names which have no equal elsewhere and appears to be a blend of the cosmic divinities with a rural mythology. Supreme god was Azathoth, under whom was Cxaxukluth. It produced Ghizghuth, Ptmâk, and Hziulquoigmnzhah. Ghizghuth and Zstylzhemgni produced Tsathoggua, who is the first of these to be worshipped by Earthlings. Tsathoggua and his wife Zishaik (Chushax or Shathak), and their son Zvilpogghua (Zvilpoggua). Ptmâk spawned Kthulhut. Other deities include Nyarlathotep and his wife Y'houndeh, who was spawn of Zyhumé. [C.A.S.; L.Carter; L.Cornford]

The Hyperborean name for the uncle of Tsathoggua in DS. He is the cousin of Cthulhu and the brother of Ghizghuth. He was born in a far system, moved to Yuggoth, and then to Neptune before settling on Saturn. He dwells permanently on Saturn now. He is worshipped on those worlds, although he is now inactive. It is dimly possible that this is another name for Nug. See entries for Ghizghuth, Ptmâk and Cxaxukluth. [C.A.Smith]


In WS, the wife of Tortha among the mountain people of northern Mhu Thulan (Zabdamar). Tortha believed her to be the White Sybil and was faithful to her as a result. [C.A.Smith]

In ID, the elder brother of Quanga. A great hunter He was killed by a white bear. [C.A.Smith]

Iod, Book of:
In HU, an ancient text which Eibon consults in his investigation of the mysterious comet. [L.J.Cornford (H.Kuttner)]

Isles of Chaos:
In WH, a magical set of islands in which the Black Citadel normally stands, ruled over by its Dark King, Nyarlathotep. Bing chaotic it is not a stable or mapable place (for example, it seems to be accessable through the nameless desert). [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In UA, ID, etc., the most important city in the province/kingdom of Mhu Thulan, just north of the Eiglophian mountains. Princes and Kings rule the lands around Iqqua. The Cultus of Yhoundeh is centred around Iqqua also. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In SP, the capital of Thule during the human colonisation of the isle. [L.Carter]

The cat goddess of Hyperborea (and the Thurian Continent) worshipped particularly by the men of Varaad (q.v.). She is almost certainly synonymous with the Elder God Bast. [L.Carter]

In WH, a warlock dwelling in Uzuldaroum and lover of Alithria. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]


Jasu'un Toth:
In WH, the High Priest of the Temple of the Seven Gods in Cerngoth. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Jeddar Fong:
In WH, the Emperor of Uzuldaroum and father of Trinius D'Vor. It would seem that he ruled in the 20 year period between Emperor Saphirion and Emperor Vardanax, the last Uzuldarine Emperor. His line ended with the death of Prince Trinius D'Vor. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In ALK & HU, the arch-astrologist Jhrelth, who used a magical gem to peer deeply into space. [A.Bennison; L.Cornford]

Jhrelth, the Stone of:
In ALK, a magical gem, once used as a lens by the arch-astrologist Jhrelth, used by several sorcerous groups to destroy their rivals after Verdhis the Black captured a Hound of Tindalos in it. [A.Bennison; L.Cornford]


In LE, the southern town in which Harood lived. [L.Carter]

In WH, a place that manufactures brocade. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Karabach, The:
In TZ, the name of the keep of Zykakis, situated high on Mount Voormithadreth. It appears at the centre of some maps of Hyperborea by the decree of Zykakis. [I.Davey]

In WH, a god worshipped in Cerngoth. Latter Karakal will become a god of the Dreamland. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (G.Myers)]

In LE, a god once commonly worshipped in Oggon-Zhai, Naroob and Zuth, but whose fanes are not neglected. [L.Carter]

In DT, a dim and near extinguished star in the remotest spiral nebulae close to Shaggai. Its sole sentient inhabitant was the mould Crxyxll. [L.Carter]

Knygathin Zhaum:
In TA, a half-breed Voormis. Said to be the child of Sfatlicllp. He reverted to his Azathothian archetype due to the stress of multiple beheadings and populated Commoriom, driving the humans thence. [C.A.Smith]

In DR, a village in the Nlan Mountains, near the Lake of Ondôar. [L.Cornford (C.A.S.)]

In SA, a volcano near the village of Baaki-Ast. [L.Cornford (C.A.S.)]

In CCF, "The Crystal Flame". A god summoned to Yongras and imprisoned under a five pointed temple, although the Book of Eibon points out that the being will escape one day. An avatar form of Cthugha, possibly the Hyperborean name for that god. There is a logic in the "Crystal Flame" giving birth to Aphoom Zhah, the "Cold Flame". See also Cthugha. [J.Ambuehl (A.W.Derleth)]

In US, etc., a dead alien "sleeping" in R'lyeh somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Lord of the Cosmic Octopi (the Spawn of Kthulhut) and the Deep Ones. According to legend he was born on the planet Vhoorl by Nug/Ptmâk (q.v.). He was driven mad before departing to spawn his children on Xoth (Zoth?) to the quasi-female entity Idh-yaa. He then moved to Earth (via other planets) where he became a powerful leader. He was imprisoned in R'lyeh by the Elder Gods with Kh'yrog Tablets. Kthulhut is said to have cursed the earth before being placed in a death-sleep which he will arise from when "the stars are right". Also called Cthulhu. [C.A.Smith (H.P.Lovecraft; etc.)]

In DA, the Slime-Thing, chief of the Shoggoths. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter]

K'yog, Book of:
In HU, a text referring primarily to Tsathoggua and his time in the Voormis city of Yuth (which seems to have been in Africa), but containing other matters also. [L.J.Cornford (J.S.Glasby)]


Legion of the Black Falcon:
In WH, the royal guard of Uzuldaroum. Its most famous member is Gelak. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In TSZ, etc., a distant "barbarous" land with which Hyperborea traded. It was a realm of sorcerers as well as barbarians (pirates). [C.A.Smith (folklore); L.Carter; L.Cornford]

In TNG, the moon god worshipped in Uzuldaroum. [C.A.Smith]

In CWW, a city of thronged streets which was attacked by Rlim Shaikorth. [C.A.Smith]

In FL, a bandit chieftain who is destroyed after taking over the keep of Zakathus. [L.J.Cornford]

In LP, the prophet who foretold the release of Aphoom Zhah. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Lith, The Prophicies of:
In LP, a work by the prophet which collects his predictions. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In ABN, a noted sorcerer and sage to whom two shrines were errected. Eibon found the Noctuary of Vizooranos in a fake tomb of Lithondriel. [R.M.Price]

In SP, the Woodlands of Llorn are part of Thule. [L.Carter]

In WH, the God of Warriors worshipped in Cerngoth. Latter Lobon will become a god of the land of Mnar in the Dreamlands. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In LE, a Hyperborean colony made in the far north of the Thurian mainland, once occupied by Gnophkeh, until the humans drove them out. Some sources suggest that it was colonised after the fall of Hyperborea, but H.P.Lovecraft indicates that they are simultaneous civilisations. It was the second colony after Zobna. The Pnakotic Brotherhood had a centre in Lomar. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In TA & LE, the king of Commoriom at its fall. He built Uzuldaroum in the jungles of Zesh. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In FS, the Queen of Commoriom at the time of Vooth Raluorn. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

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