A Hyperborean Glossary [S-Z]

Laurence J. Cornford


In LE, an Emperor of the Uzuldarines. Several kings had this name, but Saphirion the First remains the most famous. [L.Carter?]

Satampra Zeiros:
In TSZ, TNG & SSG, one of the most daring and successful thieves in Hyperborea. [C.A.Smith; J.Ambuehl]

Serpent people:
In US, SG, UA, etc., the prehuman inhabitants of the earth, particularly the Thurian continent. They had a colony on Hyperborea in the Miocene Era, where they had strange cities of of curious buildings and Babelian towers (i.e. sky-reaching) and were served by the Goat-spawn and some shoggoths. They were greater sorcerers than humans. A few remain in the caverns under Mount Voormithadreth, but other pockets might exist as the serpent folk have the power to resemble other bipeds. [C.A.Smith (R.E.Howard); L.Carter]

Seven Gods, The Temple of:
In WH, the Temple of the Seven Gods in Cerngoth. The gods are: Karakal, Lobon, Nath-Horthath, Tamash, Zo-Kalar, Hagarg Ryonis and one other. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In FTG, the "daughter" of Zvilpogghua. Little else is known, but some can be infered: she was born on Kythamil and is probably the "mother" of the Formless Spawn. She mated with a Voormi, giving rise to the Azathothian strain in Voormis exitibited by Knygathin Zhaum, her direct descendent. If she is one of the Formless Spawn then she probably dwells in N'Kai, having come to Earth en masse with Tsathoggua and the Voormis. [C.A.Smith; L.J.Cornford]

Shaggai (planet):
In SH, the name of a planet noted for its viscous insectoid life. The planet was destroyed by a gigantic worm, "The Worm that Gnaws the Night", which gnawed the planet's vitals. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft/R.Campbell)]

In FTG, the minor female entity which mated with Tsathoggua to produce Zvilpogghua. Also called Zishaik and Chushax. [C.A.Smith (although it might be R.Barlow's reading of Smith's handwriting)]

In LE & DA, mythical elephantine birds mention a couple of times. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In SC, a god of Shepherds held in great reverence in Uthnor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In DA, a goddess of the Mythos. She spawned Zulchequon, although not as one of her Thousand Young. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In IVP, a ghoul and guardian of the strange cofin-house in the Vale of Pnath, in the Earth's Dreamland. I have listed him because he is prominatly featured in the story. [L.Carter]

Sliver Key, The:
In "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" Lovecraft mentions that the Siler Key is of Hyperborean origin. [H.P.Lovecraft]

S'lithik Hhai:
In DSH, the name of the capital of the Hyperborean kingdom of the Serpent People prior to Hyperborea's colonisiation by the antehumans. It was destroyed by a meteorite impact. It was ruled by the Hith. [J.R.Fultz]

Snake folk:
Another name for the serpent folk.

In HU, the village in Uthnor which was the center of the hauntings. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

Sphinx of Abormis, The:
In SA, a form of the god Nyarlathotep, the Black Sphinx. The sphinx of Abormis killed ravaged the land around Abormis. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?); L.Cornford]

In DA, the leader of the Serpent folk. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter]

In TA, an edible fruit. [C.A.Smith]

In WS it is suggested that there are "austral swamps" containing mailed monsters. [C.A.Smith]


In WH, the "Bones of Taanana" are sworn by. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In WH, a trickster god also known as "Merry Tam". Later a god of Mnar in the Dreamlands. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (H.P.Lovecraft)]

Ta-Shon, Isle of:
In SC, an ancient island in the Cinartrel Sea which once house the height of Voormish culture. It now lies beneath the waves. [J.Ambuehl]

In DA, the leader of the Gray Weavers, the spider beings of Atlach-Nacha. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter]

Testament of Haon-Dor:
In SP, the manuscript writing of the antehuman sorcerer Haon-Dor (q.v.). [L.Carter (R.A.W.Lowndes)]

In LE, the third Cerngothic ruler of Hyperborea. [L.Carter]

In SC, the abbot of the abbey at Camorba. [L.Carter]

In WH, a couteer in the papalce of Uzuldaroum who was killed during the kidnapping of the ladies of the court. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In SP, a town in Ultima Thule. [L.Carter]

In TA, a northern land bordered to the north by the ice sheet, which paid tribute to Commoriom. Presumably an abbreviation of Mhu Thulan. [C.A.Smith]

In CWW, a broad northern island of the Hyperborean archipelago. Its people are called Thulaskians. All the inhabitants of Thulask save the magicians Dooni and Ux Loddhan were killed by Rlim Shaikorth. The Temple of Zargok lies in Thulask. [C.A.Smith; W.C.Keel/A.Gullette]

Thule, Ultima:
In SP, OT, UA, a northern land once the home of the Voormis, the furtive Jeelo, the Voor, and the antehumans, and which was also briefly settled by humans before the Ice Sheet engulfed it. Its settlements include Ith, the capital city, Yazra and Thul. Its regions include the Yurga Mountains, the Woodlands of Llorn, the River Zendish, and the Desolation of Voor. Rare and extinct plants and artifacts are found frozen and preserved in the ice of Thule and are prized among sorcerers. Often called simply Thule. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith); L.Cornford]

Here is something of a potted timeline, taking the founding of Commoriom as the starting point. The exact time of Hyperborea is unclear. Some stories mention Miocene Era (26 to 12 million B.C.), others feature living examples of such extinct lifeforms as mammoths, dinosaurs, and sabar-toothed tigers. While ID mentions the Pleistocene Era (2.5 million to 650,000 B.C.), certainly the destruction lies in an Ice Age (prob. the Paleolithic Era, or Stone Age of 650,000 to 8,000 B.C. which saw off Homo erectus). The only "exact" date I known of is in a letter from H.P.Lovecraft (dated March 2, 1932) which puts "the heyday of Hyperborean Commoriom" at 100,000 B.C., the same time as R.E.Howard's King Kull stories, which fits nicely, but is not authoritative:

Tirouv Ompallios:
In TSZ, a great thief and partner to Satampra Zeiros prior to his death during an expedition to then then abandoned ruins of Commoriom. [C.A.Smith]

In WS, a poet in Cerngoth a hundred years before the coming of the ice. He fell in love with the White Sybil. [C.A.Smith]

Trinius D'vor:
In WH, a Prince of Uzuldaroum and son of Emperor Jeddar Fong. He was a friend of the warlock Izzamandiuth and his cousin Alithria. He was killed while defending the ladies of the court from bat-winged horrors. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In FS, one of the stout constables who accompanies Vooth Raluorn on his quest for Yzduggor: He fell prey to a catobleps. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

A magical language used by some early, non-human civilisations, such as the Voormis. [H.P.Lovecraft; L.Carter]

Tscho Vulpanomi:
In TA, WAW, WS, LP, etc., the semi-legendary volcanic region of the far south, probably corresponding with modern Iceland. Here a lake of boiling asphaltum beats forever at the sea. The dread volcanic mountain Achoravomas belches rivers of flame over the land. Crystals of tourmaline are found here, with diamond-sanded, ruby-gravelled shores. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In DA, the leader of the Hidden Ones who serve Zulchequon. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter]

In LE, a Prince of Iqqua who succeeded his grandfather Xactura. [L.Carter (Smith?)]


A place of shadow-haunted tombs visited by Eibon and Zaljis. Note that between the first and second printings of "The Stairs in the Crypt" the province changed from Ulphar to Uthnor. Since the second printing, in The Years Best Fantasy Stories 3, was under Carter's editorship, I assume the alteration to be an authorised change. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In UA, the chief keeper of the archives of Iqqua. The father of Milaab & grandfather of Eibon. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In FFB, a village in the Province of Asphagoth which was attacked by supernatural forces. [L.J.Cornford/R.M.Price]

In SC & HU, a province, land or kingdom occupying the vernal hills of eastern Hyperborean. An abode of many wizards, notably Avalzaunt. Its capital is Zanzonga. It also includes settlements at Camorba. Sometimes confused with Ulphar. [L.Carter (Smith)]

A place of eldritch fanes, visited by Eibon and Zaljis, as related in Eibon's chapter of the same name. It is a magical "Shangri-la" style land lying hidden in the ice of Polarion. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith); R.Tierney]

Ux Loddhan:
In CWW, one of the sorcerers of Thulask who was changed by Rlim Shaikorth. [C.A.Smith]

In TNG, TA, AF, etc., the capital of Hyperborea after the fall of Commoriom. It lay a day's journey south of Commoriom, on the fertile plains and jungles of Hyperborea. Uzuldaroum itself fell to the advancing ice when Aphoom Zhah was freed. The land around Uzuldaroum is described thus: "an agreeable country, full of farms and orcards and running waters and green, flowery woods" which suggests that it is not without its waterways. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

Uzuldarine Dynasty, The:
in LE, the name given to the ruling dynasty of the city of Uzuldaroum. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]


LE, etc. A city in the province of Phenquor (see Phenquor), in central Hyperborea (on the Eastern Coast), just south of Uthnor. It is a city of Merchants and artisans. Cyron the wizard came from Varaad. It is said that the people of Varaad originally came from Kamula on the Thurian Continent to the east, and worshipped the cat goddess Ixeera. [L.Carter]

In LE, the Last Uzuldarine Emperor, following on from Saphirion. His reign lasted 10 years and was succeeded by his sister, Queen Cunambria. [Carter (Smith)]

In FFB, a woodsman. [L.J.Cornford]

Veezi Phenquor:
In TNG, an alchemist and magician in Uzuldaroum. He was a skilled pharmacist and toxicologist who aided Satampra Zeiros in his thief of the 39 girdles. [C.A.Smith]

Vegetation on Hyperborea includes: mandrakes (UA), upas-trees (UA), ogga-wood (TSZ), palm-trees (TSZ, WAW), conifers (FS), ferns (WS), reeds (DS), white water-lillies (ID), cycads (WS & FS), calamus (LE), swamp-fruit (FS), suvana-fruit (TA), willow (CWW), red yams (TSZ), briars (WS), eighon-wood (TA), djongua-beans (TA), red poppies (ID), apha-wood (TA), foum-fruit (TA), pomegrantes (TSZ & WH), nutmeg & sandlewood (WH), qualk-root & zothau-weed (CCF), and bushes (ID), desert cacti (WH), while flowers of vermilion, sanguine, cerulean and bright azure grow commonly (WS). The zela-flowers (WH). Wheat for flour is implied by the presence of bread (TSZ). MH, adds much new data to the flora of Hyperborea: fild marsh rice; olives of Mhu Thulan; mangoes of the Isles; [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; J.Ambuehl; J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In ALK, Verhadis the Black is the name used by Guspard du Nord for the character known as Verdhis the Black (see below) in the English version of the Book of Eibon. Such varient names are common in medieval manuscripts. [L.J.Cornford (A.Bennison)]

In ALK, Verdhis the Black is the sorcerer whose use of an imprisoned Hound of Tindalos against his enemies did much to weaken magic in Hyperborea. He was killed by orders of "The Five" a secret group according to the English translation of the Book of Eibon. Also called Verhadis by Guspard du Nord. [A.Bennison; L.J.Cornford]

"Vermilion Ox, the Year of":
In DR & HU, a year during which the Haunting of Uthnor occurred. It followed after the Year of the Golden Rat. [L.J.Cornford]

Vester, Lord:
In SSG, a noble of Hyperborea. [J.Ambuehl]

In WH, a village on the boarder of the nameless desert, in south-eastern Mhu Thulan. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Viridian Winds:
In WH, a fearsome flying mist known to savants and sorcerers. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In TNG, the true-love of Satampra Zeiros. She worked at the temple of Leniqua as a temple-girl thoroughly trained in the dexterity of her movements. She was killed for her part in the thieft of the thirty-nine girdles. [C.A.Smith; J.Ambuehl]

In ABN, a noted elder sorcerer and sage and author of the fabulous Noctuary of Vizooranos. Probably an early human rather than an antehuman. [R.M.Price]

In WH, "The Kindler of the Flame" an Elder God from the planet Bel-Yarnak who spoke to Jasu'un Toth. Viorvadoss is known by many other appelations: "Vorvadoss of the Grey Gluf", "The Flaming One", "Lord of the Universal Spaces", "The Troubler of the Sands", and "Who Waiteth in the Outer Dark". Vorvadoss was also worshipped in Mu. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (H.Kuttner)]

Voor, The:
In SP, tiny worm-like creatures of great foulness who dwelt in Hyperborea and on Ultima Thule before the coming of man or even the antehumans. They were finally driven underground but have been known to surface to kidnap fresh victims. The Desolation of Voor in Thule is one of their sites. They dwell in Deep Dendo in their wicked Voorish Domes. [L.Carter (A.Machen)]

Voor, The Desolation of:
In SP, the Desolation of Voor in Thule is one of the lands of the Voor (strangely "The Red Offering" by Lin Carter mentions a "Desolation of Voor" also lying in Mu). Deep Dendo and the wicked Voorish Domes lie in caverns under the Desolation. [L.Carter (A.Machen)]

In SM, the aponymous ancestor of the Voormis race. He was a grand shaman and advanced the philosophy of a permanent underground lifestyle for the Voormis race. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In SG, TA, SM, etc., degenerate semi-human race. They are umber-coloured and shaggily furred. The speak with dog-like howls. According to the Book of Eibon they came from Kythamil under the leadership of Voorm, from whom they got their name. They established a culture on the Isle of Ta-Shon , but quickly decayed after Ta-Shon's sinking, and were picked at by the Gnophkeh until they had achieved a state of brutehood. Mount Voormithadreth is named after this race, who now dwell in its volcanic fissures. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; J.Ambuehl]

Voormithadreth, Mount:
A volcanic, four peaked mountain. There is some suggestion that the peaks have extinct craters. It is riddled with volcanic tunnels in which the furtive Voormis dwell. Deeper caves lead to the dwellings of Haon-Dor and the serpent folk, while even deeper is the realm of gods. It seems that when Hyperborea was split up by ice the peaks of Voormithadreth were split and "moved" (we know not how) as it has been identified with single-peaked mountains in Arkham County [Chaosium] and Siberia [C.Wilson]. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; etc.]

Voormish Rituals:
Magic rituals contained in the famous Voormish Tablets. [L.Cater]

Voormish Tablets:
A set of magical tablets containing the ancient wisdom of the Voormis, prior to their collapse into decadence. [L.Carter]

In CCF, "The Mute One". A god of luck, who has a temple in the village of Gharun-Zaae. It is depected as a repilian idol with long snaky limbs. [J.Ambuehl]

Vooth Raluorn:
In FS, the High Constable of Commoriom who called the curse of Zvilpogghua down on himself by smashing a cult to that god. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Vultec Vad:
In WH, a black-skinned behemoth of a demon, with cloven hooves and horned head, summoned by Izzamandiuth. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In WH, an alien planet to which a portal was made by Nirizium of Commoriom. It seems to have been colonised by Yekubbians. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]


Weapons & Armour:
Among the weapons & armour of Hyperborea are: axes (TA & SG), bladed bucklers (SG), serrated spears (ID), bows and arrows (ID), maces (SG), broadswords (SG), and needle-tipped anlace (SG), short, leaf-shaped swords (ID), copper chain mail (SG), hunting knives (SG). A pick-ax of tempered bronze is mentioned in ID and can be counted as a weapon, it is more interesting for suggesting that bronze and copper are technologically current metals. [C.A.Smith, etc.]

White Sybil:
In WS & TSZ, a fortune-teller who predicted the fall of Commoriom. Tortha fell in love with the White Sybil. [C.A.Smith]

White Worm, The:
In CWW, LP & AF, the appellation by which Rlim Shaikorth is best known. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]


The King of Iqqua at he time of Milaab's expulsion. He was an old man and devotee of Yhoundeh. He was succeeded by his grandson, Tuluum. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

The Hyperborean name for the god Hastur. [L.J.Cornford (??)]

In TZ, the heriditary chief torturer in the employ of Zykakis the wizard, and minor apprentice of the sorcerous arts. He is a stoical and unshockable man., a love which even extended to torturing his wife to death. he had two sons Hanstead & Belan. [I.Davey]

In DSH, X'hyl the Wise is the chief councellor to the Serpent King. It was he who chose to discover the meaning of the term "Zothoqqua". [J.R.Fultz]

In IVP & UT, one of the five planets in a triple planet system. It is ruled over by Maal Dweb. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]


In FS & FTG, the Hyperborean name for Neptune. Zvilpogghua and Aphoom Zhah are connected with the planet. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In TSZ, mention is made of red yams as a food. [C.A.Smith]

In FS, one of the stout constables who accompanies Vooth Raluorn on his quest for Yzduggor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In CWW, LP & AF, the fabulous ice-mountain situated exactly over the north pole. It is said that the god Aphoom Zhah was imprisoned within the mountain until he was released by the Acolyte Athlok of the Pnakotic Brotherhood. Pharazyn would have released him earlier, had he not realised his peril and committed suicide. Also called Yaanek (q.v.). [C.A.Smith (Poe/Lovecraft); L.Carter]

In SP, a town on the southern part of Thule. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

In FTG, a fissional being born on the dark star Zoth. It spawned the female entity Zstylzhemgni, possibly also on Zoth. [C.A.Smith]

Hyperborean years appear to be named after animals and denoted by colours, in cycles, so we come across: The Year of the Green Spider (LE); Year of the Red Worm (LE); Year of the Crimson Spider (SC), Year of the Black Tiger (WAW & LE!) Year of the Golden Rat (DR), Year of the Vermilion Ox (HU), Year of the Red Whale (FL). [C.A.Smith; L.Carter; L.J.Cornford]

In DA, the foremost of the Unclean Ones, the servants of Abhoth. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter (Lovecraft)]

In DA, the leader of the Nightguants. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. Later it will be killed in Roman Britain. [L.Carter (B.Lumley)]

Yggrr Inantation:
In SH, a magical incantation used by Eibon. [L.Carter]

Ygthar Elixir:
In IVP, a magical elixir known to Zon Mezzamalech and hunted for my Eibon. [L.Carter]

In SM, a Voormis Shaman who became apostate after being passed over for the post of Elder hierophant and tried to desecrate the temple of Tsathoggua. [L.Carter (Smith)]

In DS & LE, the elk goddess whose fanatical worshippers dominated the province of Zabdamar and Mhu Thulan during the lifetime of Eibon. Yhoundeh is the child of Zyhumé (q.v.). The Parchments of Pnom vaguely hint that Yhoundeh was married to "the Azathothian flute-player" (Nyarlathotep!). After the disappearence of Eibon and Morghi the worship of Yhoundeh diminished and died out. Also given as Y'houndeh or Houndeh. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In CWW, LP, etc., the legendary ice-island (glacier) which was used as a citadel and transport by the White Worm, Rlim Shaikorth. The ice-mountain was movable and apparently melted when that Outer One was killed. [C.A.Smith]

In AF, PDW, another name for the Cold Ones (q.v.). It might also be applied to those human servitors of Rlim Shaikorth who have undergone the physical change to survive the unltratelluric cold of Yikilth. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Ylidiomph (planet):
In UA, the Hyperborean name for the planet Jupiter. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In CCF, a lieutenant in the army of an unnamed Hyperborean king. [J.Ambuehl]

In FS, a frozen planet orbiting the green star of Algol, on which Zvilpogghua resides. Note: in "Strange Manuscript Found in a Vermont Wood" this is changed to Yrautrom. [L.Carter]

In DA, the Elder Hierophant (probably of the Voormis) who gives details on Zushakon. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In US, the Hyperborean spelling of Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One and One-in-All. A Cthuloid being whose legend is related in the Yog-Sothoth myth cycle. [C.A.Smith (Lovecraft)]

In DA, another version of Y'quaa. [L.Cater]

In PDW, "grey-litten" Y'quaa is one of the underground realm under Mount Voormithadreth. Several of the Old Ones live here. [L.Cater]

In CCF & SSG, "the spectre haunted ruins of Yongras" was visted by Satampra Zeiros and Alu Kuthos. [J.Ambuehl]

Another name for the planet which orbits the star Algol, otherwise known as Ymar. See Ymar. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Yrautrom canal:
In FS, a canal system which was a major line of communication to land-locked Commoriom. It links Commoriom to Camorba and the northern ports. This might need re-naming. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In FS, the sable-tressed, supple-limbed concubine of Vooth Raluorn, High Constable of Commoriom. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Yste, The Seal of:
In DR, a magical seal or talisman, a relic of ancient Arkya. It is used in a demon binding ritual and has some protective qualities. [L.J.Cornford (R.A.W.Lowndes)]

In SP, a range of mountains in Thule in which Voorish Domes may be found. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

In ALK, Yydway of the Five was one of the thief who stole the gem from Verdhis the Black. He was tortured to death for his trouble. [A.Bennison; L.J.Cornford]

In FS, a hermit and outcast worshipper of the Old Ones. He dwells in the Eiglophian Mountains. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]


In LP & SM, the northernmost province of Hyperborea, not counting the Island of Polarion. It is rocky, wild, coastal region, inhabited by primitive fishermen. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In WH, a place from whence cirulean silks comes. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In "The Pirrak", mighty sorcerer and priest Zargok of Hyperborea's latterdays as a dry land. [W.C.Keel/A.Gullette]

Zargok, The Temple of:
In "The Pirrak", a temple to Tsathoggua on Thulask, named after the mighty sorcerer and priest Zargok. [W.C.Keel/A.Gullette]

A fellow sorcerer and companion of Eibon on his early wanderings in Oggon-Zhai (where they met), Ulphar and Utressor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In FL, a sorcerer who was captured and maimed by Liqoimkh, but not killed because Liqoimkh feared the wizard's ghostly vengeance. He did, however, exact a revenge of Liqoimkh. [L.J.Cornford]

In SC, the capital city of Uthnor, on the eastern shore of Hyperborea. [L.Carter]

In LE & FL, a city of golden dome in the central eastern portion of Hyperborea, its elderly king was killed by a curious wasting affliction during Eibon's day (LE). [L.Carter; L.Cornford]

In SP, the true-love of Ptomeron the Thaumaturge. She disappeared from her home in Ith, apparently with a secret lover, but in fact her whereabouts were sadder than that. [L.Carter (Smith?)]

Zendish, River:
In SP, a river in Thule.. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

The central province of Hyperborea, south of the Eiglophians. Zesh is almost completely taken up with jungles (hence it is called the Jungles of Zesh). Here Commoriom and Uzuldaroum after it stood. The province is officially called Pharnath (q.v.) during the Uzuldaroum Period. [L.Carter]

In DS & US, etc., the name by which Eibon knows Tsathoggua. [C.A.Smith]

In UA & DT, the name of a mighty Serpent Man sorcerer, regarded by many as the mightiest such. His doom came when he tried to summon Crxyxll (q.v.) only to undergo a body swap. He left behind a grimoire discovered by Zylac. [L.Carter]

Zloigmish Rituals:
A manuscript book of rituals made by the Serpent Man sorcerer Zloigm. It contains a ritual form embodying serpent-man spirits in new bodies. [L.Carter]

In FTG, the "dark star" Zoth is mentioned as a spawning ground for the Old Ones. It seems highly likely that this is Xoth of the Xothic Cycle. [C.A.Smith]

In DSH, the name used by the hominids for Tsathoggua (or Zhothaqquah). [J.R.Fultz]

In WH, a youth from Merba on a quest to the "Great Oracle of the Mountains", accompaned by Bel & Haar. He was killed in an encounter with a fish-race (Deep Ones?). [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In WH, a god worshipped in Cerngoth as a god od birth & death. Latter Zo-Kalar will become a patron god of Mnar in the Dreamland. [J.R Fultz/J.Burns (H.P.Lovecraft)]

Zongis Furalor:
In FS, a saintly septuagenarian yclapt who advises Vooth Raluorn to seek Yzduggor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Zon Mezzamalech:
In US & SA, the mightiest sorcerer of his age. He performed many wonders but disappeared following the acquisition of the Eye of Ubbo-Sathla. [C.A.Smith; L.J.Cornford]

In OT, the dream lover of Yhok-Omi and mother to Euphorion. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

In DA, the name given by Zylac to the "Dark Silent One", the god Zu-Che-Quon, an attributed to its worshippers in K'n-yan. [L.Carter (H.Kuttner)]

In DA, the name given by Yogmosh-Voth to the "Dark Silent One", the god Zu-Che-Quon. [L.Carter (H.Kuttner)]

In LP & LE, a village in Mhu Thulan, not far inland from the House of Pharazyn, in which Kathruale was worshipped until displaced by the zealots of Yhoundeh. [L.Carter]

In a Smith Letter to Barlow in Dark Eidolon no.2, the androgyne animal Archetype Zyhumé, which still abides in that Cavern of Archetypes. Zyhumé is a sort of nebulous and more or less spheroid elk. [C.A.Smith]

In TZ, a powerful wizard of Hyperborea who is notorous for his love of torture. Said to have ruled Hyperborea for a millenia, although this cannot be accurate as Hyperborea lasted only 100 years after Eiboon's disappearence (DS) and Zykakis post-dated Eibon. [I.Davey]

The Sorcerer of Mhu Thulan. He was an apprentice of Hormagor and then travelled to Mhu Thulan and through magic constructed a tower of black gneiss. [L.Carter (Smith)]

In DA, another version of Zylac. I suspect this will be "corrected" in future publications. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

In SH, a luminous intellegent gas which dwells in space. In the Cthulhu Mythos this would be called a "Colour Out of Space". [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

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