A Hyperborean Glossary [M-R]

Laurence J. Cornford


Maal Dweb:
In SH, the sorcerous ruler of the planet Xiccarph whom Eibon astrally converses with. A charcter fromSmith's Xiccarph tales. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In WH, the pits of Malbogea seem to be a kind of pit of the damned. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In FFB, a woodsman, brother of Vash-Tsoth. [L.J.Cornford]

In SSG, a type of animal, similar to a small monkey. [J.Ambuehl]

Manghai Thal:
In TA, the father of Athammaus and the chief headsman to the court of Commoriom before him. [C.A.Smith]

In TNG, the high Priest of Leniqua. He was wounded by Vixeela when struck with a chastity belt, but survived. [C.A.Smith]

In DR, a walled temple to the god Zarbanoth which stands by the Lake of Ondôar. [L.Cornford (C.A.S.)]

In WH, a town in the far south famed for its pomrgranates and zela-flowers. It was attacked by the undead army. All the men were killed and all the women were kidnapped, all except youths Bel, Zojin & Haar. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

The citadel of the primal gods (otherwise known as Kadath). A bronze gong sounds there at times of doom. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

Mhu Thulan:
In DS, IS, etc., the name given to the northern portion or realm of the ancient continent of Hyperborea, said to correspond with Greenland, that was one of Man's first civilisations, and was composed of several provinces such as Zabdamar and Iqqua. As time went on its northern parts were covered by the great glacier of Polarion and the name came to be applied only to the desolate northern peninsula. [C.A.Smith]

In UA & LE, the father of Eibon and hereditary keeper of the archives of Iqqua under king Xactura. the son of Uori. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In FFB, the purple spired capital of the southern province. Alabbac came from Mnardis (LE). Pnom dwelt in Mnardis. [L.Carter?]

In FL, a travelling entertainer noted for his great strength. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

In DS, the High priest of the elk-goddess Yhoundeh and rival of Eibon. Morghi pursued Eibon to Cykranosh. [C.A.Smith]

In SM, an ancient Gnophkeh shaman and author of a scroll of liturgies, known as the Scroll of Morloc. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Morloc, the Scroll of:
In SM, an ancient scroll of liturgies to Rhan-Tegoth, stolen by the Voormis and held in their inner sanctum. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

"Month of the Lynx, The":
In WH, one of the names of the months of the year. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In UA,WS & WH, the name of a barbaric Pacific nation which paid tribute to Commoriom. The people of Mu are olive-skinned. Mu appears in a number of other stories by members of the Lovecraft Circle and their followers. [C.A.Smith (folklore); L.Carter; J.R.Fultz/J.Burns; etc.]

In SC, the head disciple of Avalzaunt, and inheritor of his property. Mygon disliked his master and improperly buried him. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]


In GD, Nabulus the Wonder-Worker is a noted sorcerer of elder Hyperborea. He attempted to summon the female archetype from the Zone of the Colossi, and manifest in the form of Akhamot. [R.M.Price]

In LE, a town or village in Mhu Thulan were once Kathruale was worshipped, until it was displaced by Yhoundeh. [L.Carter]

In DR, a frigid abyss from whence demons are summoned. [R.M.Price]

In WH, "The Lord of Dreams" & "The Lion of Heaven", a god worshipped in Cerngoth who manifests itself as a lion and is said to reside in the moon. Later Nath-Horthath will become a god of the Dreamland. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (H.P.Lovecraft)]

Nebzoolian Codex:
In WH, an ancient text which mentions various danger native to V'zath. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Nephtarya, The Mountains of:
In WH, a jagged range of mountains against which the nameless desert rests. It is the home of eagles, sabre-toothed cats and the hermit Nod. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Nirizium of Commoriom:
In WH, a wizard who discovered the existance of V'zath but was killed by the Yekubbians on one of his frequent visits to V'zath. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns] Nirn-Ag:
In WH, the name of the species of mammoth Hyperborean crocodile. One was semt by Hagarg Ryonis to aid Janu'un Toth. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Nlan Mountains:
In DR, a small range of mountains in central Hyperborea, forming part of the boundary of several provinces. The Lake of Ondôar lies in the mountains. [L.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

Nn'gao Elizer:
InSH, a magical power used by Eibon. [L.Carter]

Noctuary of Vizooranos:
In ABN, "The Book of Night". A half-fabolous book of secret lore, so foul that it could only be written down by Vizooranos on moonless nights. A copy was found in a fake tomb of Lithondriel by Eibon, but was later destroyed. [R.M.Price]

In WH, a hermit in the Mountains of Nephtarya, who has become known as the "Great Oracle of the Mountains". He was once a noted soldier in old Commoriom and may be very ancient. Nod is, of course, a Biblical name. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

Nothvair, The Scimitar of:
In FFB, a "wizard's sword", which is to say a magical sword used in the performing of rites rather than as a weapon. It is rune engraven and is used in exorcisms. In later ages it will be known as the Scimitar of Brazari. [L.J.Cornford]

In DA, The Father of Ghouls. The name is something of a mistake, it should be Nagoob. [L.Carter (H.P.L.]

In WH, the black-bearded king in Cerngoth. [J.R Fultz/J.Burns]

Nungis Avargomon:
In FS, the nephew and heir of Vooth Raluorn and the thirtieth High Constable of Commoriom after his uncle's disappearance. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In WH, Nyalathotep is given these other names: Ahtu, Tolometh, Azrarn, Yith-Na, Baal; and titles "The Dog of Azathoth", "The Waster of Hope", "The Mouth of Madness", "Lord of a Thousand Forms", "Servant of the Outer Gods", "The Haunter of the Dark". [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In SC, Nyogtha is a god of ghouls also known to the Hyperboreans as "The Dweller in the Red Abyss". Nyogzhah is also used, but Lin Carter often "corrected" Hyperborean spellings to the more common version, while I favour the variant version. [L.Carter (H.Kuttner)]

In SC, The Hyperborean name for Nyogtha also known to the Hyperboreans as "The Dweller in the Red Abyss". [L.J.Cornford (H.Kuttner)]

In FL, A province in the north western portion of Hyperborea, south of Iqqua. [L.J.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]


In WAW & SM, a black hard wood used in the making of furniture. The Voormis used ogga-wood for priestly staffs. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In ID, a spired city with a black temple to Tsathoggua, north of Iqqua. It was swamped by the glacier of Polarion as it rolled over Mhu Thulan. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In ID, a great mage during king Haalor's reign. [C.A.Smith]

Ondôar, The Lake of:
In DR, a large body of fresh water in the Nlan Mountains, it feeds a major river which runs to the sea by Varaad. The Mekkaram Temple and the village of Kozath stand on the shoreline of the lake. [L.Cornford (C.A.S.)]

In WH, the necromancer of V'hixia, who dwelt in a dark jade tower, not far from the namelss desert. He was accused of being respocible for the zombie army, but proved himself innocent by pursuing the mystery. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In LP, the southernmost isle of the Hyperborean archipelago. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In CCF, a soldier in the army on a unknown Hyperborean king. [J.Ambuehl]

Outer One:
In CWW, a term applied to Rlim Shaikorth, although in such a context as to imply that it is a general rather than specific term. Presumably it equates to the term "Outer Gods" used in the Cthulhu Mythos, indicating some extra-terrestrial entity. [C.A.Smith]


Pandar the Great:
In CCF, a Hyperborean king who scaled the slopes of Mount Voormithadreth. [J.Ambuehl]

In TA, WAW, a type of money in Commoriom, in Hyperborea. [C.A.Smith]

In WH, the Abbot of Cerngoth who was placed in charge of the Temple of the Seven Gods when Jasu'un Toth went on his quest. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns]

In LE, the second Cerngothic ruler of Hyperborea. The son of Zorquus. He ruled for 23 years and was followed by Thaarapion. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In LP, the Enchanter who was supposed to free Aphoom Zhah. but who committed suicide before he could be forced to do so. [L.Carter]

In SC, a king of Commoriom during the year of the Crimson Spider and the horror in Uthnor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

The central province of Hyperborea, south of the Eiglophians. It is almost completely taken up with the Jungles of Zesh. Here Commoriom, and Uzuldaroum after it, stood here. The province is officially called Pharnath (q.v.) during the Uzuldaroum Period (probably due to Emperor Pharnavootra). [L.Carter]

In LE, the Emperor of Uzuldaroum after Loquamethros, at the time of Eibon's apprenticeship. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In SA, a king of Mhu Thulan. He gained the aid of Zon Mezzamalech in plundering wrecked ships of the northern main. [L.Cornford]

In SH, a black extra-dimensional demon, summoned by Eibon (apparently not the demon in his ring). A fanged, cycloptic thing with undulating arms. A Martian god appears under this name in the "North West Smith" stories of C.L.Moore. [L.Carter (C.L.Moore?)]

Pharool I:
In LE, a king of Iqqua. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Pharool II:
In LE, a king of Iqqua. Successor to Raanor. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

LE, etc. A province of Hyperborea: 1) in SM, etc., a northern land containing a mountain range — this reference I have changed to Zabdamar; 2) in LE, the land around Varaad, forming the South-Eastern section of Hyperborea, south of the Province of Uthnor. Note: Phenquor was used by Smith as "Veezi Phenquor" — Carter promised to change it, but failed to do so (unless Zabdamar was his attempt to change it?). I have amended most references to Zabdamar, however Carter also said that the southern city of Varaad lay in Phenquor. This did not fit the other references, so the name, or a variant such as "Jhenquor", might have to be maintained for that southern land. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith); L.J.Cornford]

In BB & LE, the name of the shantak-bird who lead Eibon into Mount Voormithadreth, and guided him through several adventures on the way to Tsathoggua's lair. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Pirrak, The:
In "The Pirrak", 1) a minor god who came to Earth with Tsathoggua from Cykranosh. It is probably the progenitor of the Pirrak race; 2) a semiaquatic race which dwelt in caverns under a Hyperborean city. They were once a toad-race who came to earth with Tsathoggua and still regard that god as their patron. At this time they were known as by another name. In time they adapted to the sea, possibly under the influence of the god Pirrak, until, with the destruction of Hyperborea, they became predominantly dwellers in the Arctic Ocean. [W.C.Keel/A.Gullette]

Pnakotic Brotherhood:
In AF, HU, etc., a secret Brotherhood who preserve many ancient texts. They fled to Lomar after the destruction of Hyperborea. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

Pnakotic Manuscripts:
In AF, HU, etc., a set of manuscripts which came down from the Great Race and was guarded by the Pnakotic Brotherhood. [L.Carter (H.P.Lovecraft)]

In LE, a town famous for its weavers, who are most skilled in the manufacture of silken cloths. It lies in Mhu Thulan. [L.Carter]

In CWW & LP, etc., The Exorcist and renowned Genealogist of the age. His legend is partly related in Eibon's chapter "The Face from Below". He authored the Parchment of Pnom. [C.A.Smith]

Pnom, Parchments of:
A lengthy work authored by Pnom which contains lengthy geneologies and many rites of exorcism. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

Polar Ones:
In PDW, the name given to the star-headed Old Ones who dwelt at the poles according to the Book of Eibon. [L.Carter]

In CWW, the outlandish men of the islands nearer to the pole than Thulask. [C.A.Smith]

In TA, WS, CWW, ID, etc., originally an isle of snow inhabited by uncouth peoples. It appears to be very near the north pole. It became an ice desert when oncoming glaciers crept in valleys that had once been fertile with fern and cycad, and passes that had once been highways of busy traffic. As time went by the rolling Polarion glacier linked the now engulfed island with Mhu Thulan. the White Sybil came from here some yeas before the fall of Commoriom. In WS, it is spoken of as a "ice-bound waste" and a "glacier-taken plateau of Polarion", similar terms to Kadath (?). Apparently a pass through the mountains of Zabdamar link Polarion with Mhu Thulan. [C.A.Smith]

In CCF, the eggs of the Poozka-bird are mentioned. [J.Ambuehl]

Pornox (planet):
In DT, a star in the constellation of the Mantichora. A frozen satellite of that star houses a race of sagacious arthropods [L.Carter]

Prophecies of Lith:
In HU & LP, a volume of prophecies by the mysterious creature, Lith, who foretold the coming of the Ice. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

In SP, a Thaumaturge who retreated to Thule to live but investigated the dreaded Voor. [L.Carter]

Pwen Vanool:
In CCF, the master magician and ruler of Yongras who summoned down Koth-Uggha and thus brought about the city's destruction. [J.Ambuehl]


In LE, a quaint, ichthyoidal little god of the fishermen around Mhu Thulan. Once worshipped in Iqqua, but was supplanted by the worship of Yhoundeh. See Qualk-root below. [L.Carter]

In CCF, Qualk-root is mentioned, suggesting a plant named after the god Qualk. [J.Ambuehl]

In ID, a huntsman. [C.A.Smith]

In DA, the leader of the Shantak-birds. It dwells in the Cavern of Prototypes under Mount Voormithadreth. [L.Carter]


In LE, the Prince of Iqqua who succeeded Tuluum to the throne and who laid claim to Mhu Thulan [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

Ralibar Vooz:
In SG, the third cousin of king Homquat. He ended up being sent of quests while hunting on Mount Voormithadreth. [C.A.Smith]

In ID, the king of Iqqua about a fifty years before the abandonment of Hyperborea. (Possibly the same as Halour). [C.A.Smith]

In LP, a servant boy of the Enchanter Pharazyn. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith)]

"Red Whale, Year of the":
In FL, the name of the Year when Liqoimkh captured the keep of Zakathus. [L.J.Cornford]

"Red Worm, Year of the":
In LE, the name of the Year when Commoriom fell. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

In SM, the god of the Gnophkeh. Rhan-Tegoth lived in the seas of Yukkoth before coming to Earth, and had a feud with Tsathoggua. [L.Carter (H.P.L/H.Heald)]

In LE, the fourth, and last, Cerngothian ruler of Hyperborea. In the 16th year of his reign (100 years after Eibon's disappearance) the ice enveloped Hyperborea utterly. [L.Carter (C.A.Smith?)]

In OT, a village in the foothills of the Eiglophian Mountains where dwelt Yhok-Omi. In contains the Street of the Snow Bear.. [L.Cornford (C.A.Smith)]

Rlim Shaikorth:
In CWW & LP, an Outer one who attacked Hyperborea on its ice-island Yikilth. Said to be a servant of Aphoom Zhah. [C.A.Smith; L.Carter]

In WH, the island and corpse-city in which the dead body of Kthulhut slumbers. In FL, the phrase "Black Gods of R'lyeh" is used as a powerful curse. [J.R.Fultz/J.Burns (H.P.Lovecraft); L.J.Cornford (R.E.Howard)]

In ALK, the name of the demon hound of the Stone of Jhrelth. [A.Bennison; L.Cornford]

In SSG, the high priest of Leniqua after Marquanos was deposed. [J.Ambuehl (C.A.Smith)]

In FL, a travelling entertainer skilled in throwing knives. [L.J.Cornford]

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